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Takita Dress


100% Linen, exclusively made in Positano for Estilo Emporio.

Introducing the Takita Dress – a captivating embodiment of wanderlust, carefully crafted from lightweight linen to bring out your inner wandering gypsy.

This dress features a graceful v-neckline and is adorned with two buttons that allow you to adjust the neckline to your liking. The sleeves are designed with elasticized cuffs, providing flexibility to push them up or wear them down as you please.

Falling to a delightful one-tiered hem, this dress accentuates the floaty and free-spirited vibe that embodies the wanderer's soul. A tie at the waist allows you to accentuate your figure while maintaining the dress's effortless charm.

The Takita Dress is a stunning showcase of the new Ocaso weave, adding a touch of unique style to your ensemble. Whether you're exploring new horizons or simply embracing the joys of a carefree journey, this dress captures the essence of wandering gypsy vibes, perfect for those who seek adventure and style in one elegant package